The Herbal Witches Cauldron with GrannyMoon

The Herbal Witches Cauldron for Home, Health and Beauty!

Be a Green Kitchen Witch! Stir your cauldron and wake up your familiars! Get into action! We have so much to do! Share your food, drink, health and beauty tips, articles and advice! Make your own medicine and remedies using herbs and items from your own kitchen. Money saving ideas! DIY Natural Health and Beauty - things we use every day are easy to make using simple, natural ingredients. Make your own cosmetics! Herbals, dieting, vitamins and supplements, self-improvement, self-love, spells. Shopping and cleaning tips, recipes, cooking, coupon-ing ideas are welcome!

Decluttering, reorganizing, The Three R’s (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce)! Going Organic, DIY, disease and dis-ease, diabetic recipes and more! Wildcrafting, herbs, eco-friendly cleaners and more! How are you making ends meet? Make an awesome recipe or product? Take a picture of it to post on list! On Pineterest? Please share your URL!!! Do follow me on Pinterest!

To Do List For Life: Being organized has never been a negative for anyone, in fact being organized will lead you to success. Let's apply this to our life. How about organizing your life like you would organize everything else.

Make time for yourself: Yes, you had struggles to get through, troubles to overcome, loved ones to deal with, and goals to achieve. A break from it all... is more than necessary. It's perfectly healthy to stop and let the world spin on without you for awhile. A simple break will give you an opportunity to discover who you really are and to take time out to find who you really want to be.

It is all about being an Herbal Witch...Mind, body, spirit, family and home. Feeling loved, powerful, healthy, beautiful, fun and even saving money!

Please join us in our new community! Add your wisdom to the cauldron and help us stir! Don't forget your broomstick and a beautiful chalice to drink from!!!

Blessed Be!

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