Yesterday's Spin/Knit In

"Joe Zygala and Lucinda Shastid" <jzygala@...>

Wow, did I have a good time yesterday! I hope everyone else did, too.

We're getting more and more people - so many that I couldn't really see
everything that was going on. We're working on getting a larger space -
perhaps better lighting in the large room next to where we meet now. In the
meantime, I'm hoping the weather will be warm enough next month that we can
be outside on the patio - that'll be great.

So what happened? Well, Pat Slavin brought a bunch of hooky sticks and drop
spindles and showed about 10 people how to draft and spin, just to get
started. Toni Garcia had learned to spindle-spin at our first meeting in
November, and bought a wheel last week on which she is spinning well
already. Watch out, Panera, you're being infiltrated <grin>. Liz Nolf
probably won the first-to-spin award yesterday. Her husband had said, "You
like to knit - here's a spinning wheel and 6 raw alpaca and llama fleeces."
And she said, "Which end of the wheel is up?" Well, she brought her wheel
and fiber (and also some better-to-learn-on fiber) and by the time she left
she had a bobbin full of yarn! I noticed her sitting quietly in a corner
just practicing treadling - it sure paid off.

We'll try to have a show-and-tell table in the center each time. I know
there was some lovely hand-dyed yarn that not everyone got to see.

There was sooo much going on (and yes, the room was overcrowded) that I
couldn't see everything. Please post what you did, or what others did, so
we can all share it. Does anyone know how many people came?

See you all next month, please - spread the word.

Lower NY, where it meets Connecticut