Today's Meeting

Lucinda Shastid

It was great!  A lot of people, a lot of laughter, a lot of conversation.

Catherine showed some yarn she spun, and worked on a lovely baby sweater with interesting construction.

Jane tried Teresa's miniSpinner, then continued with some yellow/green yarn on her wheel.  (The roving seemed similar to Annie's favorite color name: Monkey Farts.)

Charlene had two socks: toe-up, two-at-a-time, magic loop.  This sparked a short discussion of favorite ways to knit socks.

Teresa flicked long luxurious Romney locks to be drum carded later.

Shelley spun some gold roving, instead of her when-will-it-ever-be-done brown.

Edie, who finally was able to come join us again, was knitting.

Joan wore a new sweater.  The two yarns were a yin/yang pair: one was two plies of color A and one ply of color B, the other was one A and two B.  She also was knitting a second sweater in the same pattern.

Lucinda finally spun again, very intense colors in a hand-painted roving - her hand tremor has diminished.

Discussion topics included

the new tables and chairs in the classroom (no need to worry about whether you'll get a well-padded chair now),

apps for knitting: highlighting directions row by row, charts, row counters, etc.,

graphs in general,

family events


Ted Talk on male/female brains

NYT on multilingual babies.