[spinandeaters] For Sale: Louet Full-Sized Drum Carder (NJ) XP

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Date: March 6, 2009 7:13:21 PM EST
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Subject: [spinandeaters] For Sale: Louet Full-Sized Drum Carder (NJ) XP

I'm forwarding this on behalf of my guild's book-and-equipment
librarian. If you're interested, please contact her directly for more
information and for photographs.
Brenda Osborn writes:

On behalf of my guild, I am selling our Louet drum carder. This is
available for pick up in northern Bergen County, NJ, or it can be
shipped if buyer is willing to pay shipping and crating costs. We are
asking $300. Please contact

Full size Louet drum carder with standard (coarse) cloth in excellent
condition and in perfect working order. The carder comes with two
metal table clamps. Width of the drums: 7.5" (19 cm). This carder
makes 28" (71 cm) batts.

Additional information from the Louet website:
`Our drum carders are well designed and efficient to make your carding
productive and enjoyable. They are adjustment free and the
non-slipping gears, enclosed in a gearbox, require no additional
lubrication. The sides of the gearbox also serve to keep the fibres on
the carder, away from the shafts and sides. In order to ensure a long
life, the teeth on our carders are made of high grade plated steel
wire. The intermeshing of the teeth ensures that the fibres are combed
efficiently. The extra long teeth 13mm (0.51") allow these carders to
produce thicker and longer batts than the conventional carders.'

--Elisa Eiger
(Palisades Guild, Upper Saddle River, NJ)

P.S. Like most in my guild, I'm strongly in favor of sending fleeces
out to be processed. (Which is why we're selling our carder.)
However, I have used the carder, and can attest that it works, no one
has carded raw fleece on it, and it's beginner-proof. Louet uses its
own special type of carding cloth on both drums of the carder, with
flexible teeth that don't get bent out of shape easily. (In contrast,
one of my friends wrecked the fur drum on her Patrick Green carder
when she was a new spinner by carding Romney--cost her $200 for a new
drum, and this was a while back...)