Loom for sale

Lucinda Shastid

Susan, you were talking about a floor loom.

Is anyone else interested?


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Dear Knitters, Spinners & Weavers,

Hope you don't mind my posting this notice.
A friend of mind is moving / downsizing & decided to part with her beautiful cherry floor loom. She will give it away free to a good home.
 I don't remember the make but I believe the weaving width is 36", has 4 harnesses and 6 treadles .
If you know of anyone who may be interested- please pass this information on.
You can contact Mary Berger directly at:
Her phone # is: 1-914-320-1151
She lives in Hastings on Hudson, NY .
Loom is now in her garage so pick up is not too difficult - but would require a pick up truck /van.

Thank you for sharing/ passing on this info

Cathy Prior