Cashmere goat conference at Ithaca

Lucinda Shastid

If anyone is interested in cashmere goats, there will be a conference at Ithaca in early November.


The Cashmere Goat Association is proud to announce the 2019 Small Ruminant Management and Fiber Conference, to be co-hosted with the Sheep & Goat Program, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University. The conference will take place in Ithaca, NY on November 9th and 10th, 2019. 


The conference starts out Saturday morning, Nov 9th with presentations by renowned goat & sheep veterinarian and co-author of Goat Medicine, Cornell’s own Dr. Mary Smith DVM. Dr. Smith will guide us through setting up a flock/herd health management program and then go into specifics on coping with foot and skin issues in small ruminants. We will also have a talk on innovations in parasite management by small ruminant extensionist, Dr. tatiana Stanton, and an intro to cashmere, mohair and wool fiber by Wini Labrecque co-author of the SGC Basic Manual: a prerequisite for advanced sorting and grading. Afternoon activities involve a short walk to the Livestock Pavilion to practice livestock skills relevant to most goat and sheep raisers such as hay evaluation, coping with kidding/lambing issues, hoof care and a more specific practical on evaluating cashmere goats under the guidance of trained professionals. Handicapped parking is available at the pavilion. The day will also include optional presentations on setting up a cashmere goat database in Italy (lunch) and in the United States (4:20 pm). Dinner can be on your own or you can opt to buy a dinner ticket followed by evening networking activities. Sunday’s lineup (Nov 10th) focuses on fiber. Morning presentations by preeminent speakers from the Langston University Goat Center and Virginia Tech will cover cashmere genetics, genetics for color in fiber goats and sheep, and nutrition for follicle development and fiber production in small ruminants. Afternoon activities with leading fiber specialists and fiber mill operators include hands-on labs evaluating cashmere, mohair and wool, and presentations on designing and marketing fiber products taking into account the scale of your production. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about proactive farm management to improve livestock/predator coexistence and farm /wildlife habitat from Dr. Nora Kravis, DVM of Chianti Cashmere, Italy.


Registration: Please go to  to register. For people attending both days, the fee is $80 for non-members of the Cashmere Goat Association (CGA) and $65 for members of CGA. If interested in joining CGA, please go to  . The fee to attend a single day (be it Saturday or Sunday) is $50 for both CGA members and non-members.


Sponsorships, tradeshow and youth discounts/scholarships: This conference would not be possible without support from farm and industry sponsors. We invite sponsors to participate in the trade show and highlight their services or products. For more information on being a sponsor and/or tradeshow participation, please contact Pamela Haendle at hermitpond@...  . More information on youth discounts and limited scholarships is available through Christine McBrearty-Hulse at cmcbreartyhulse@...  .


Here's the full schedule:

Hope to see many of you there.   I'm even setting up a table to advertise the CNY Fiber Arts Festival!