Black Walnuts available at Rhinebeck for dyeing

Lucinda Shastid

In case anyone isn't watching the Rhinebeck thread on Ravelry, here's a message:

Attention folks who make/use natural dyes. If I bring a bag of black walnut husks/shells to Rhinebeck, do you want to experiment? A neighbor has offered me a bagful, and I understand that these make a wonderful brown dye. I don’t know how much my neighbor has collected.

I’ll be a vendor (Bialo Padin Designs) in the “B” Building“. If anyone is interested, let me know, ASAP, so that I can make arrangements to collect them. If there isn’t any interest, I won’t bring them.

If anyone wants them, you can go to the Rhinebeck forum and send her a PM.  I know that Teresa used black walnut dye on some yarn and it turned out great!