OT - protect your cell phone

Lucinda Shastid

From the NYT this morning: Don't charge your phone by using that random cable found at an airport charging station or docking into that hotel USB port.

"Juice jacking happens when unsuspecting users plug their electronic devices into USB ports or use USB cables that have been loaded with malware.

The malware then infects the devices, giving hackers a way in. They can then read and export your data, including your passwords, and even lock up the gadgets, making them unusable.

[The specialist] cautioned against using USB cables found already plugged into charging stations or even given away as promotional gifts.

“You can easily brand these things so you can make it look like any other cable,” he said, adding, “When people see it, they don’t really think or expect it to be malicious in any way.”

Other ways to protect yourself include carrying your own charging wires, only charging directly from an electrical outlet and using portable batteries that were bought from known vendors, Mr. Arsene said."

I'm sure most of us are already careful about malware, but I hadn't heard of this angle before.