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I think this is on the same day as our regular spin in ...but sounds fun.....

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Date: 04/16/09 08:07:34
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Re: NY train spin in From: Gerow, Julie



Re: NY train spin in

Posted by: "Gerow, Julie" julie.gerow@...   moonsp1nner

Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:49 am (PDT)

I don't know any more about this than what I am posting - it was sent to me by a north jersey knitter. Thought someone on this list might be interested in participating.


passed on From: Knitwit []]>

"Hi all,

>>> I am planning a guerilla spinning event this weekend and wanted to

>>> invite

>>> any and all etsyFASTers who live in the NYC metro area to join me.

>>> Here is

>>> the info:


>>> Please join me this Sunday on the #7 train for Spindle 7, a project

>>> funded

>>> in part by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the

>>> New

>>> York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


>>> Here is how it will work:


>>> At about 10:30 am, filmmaker, Marcia Connolly, and I will board the

>>> last

>>> car of first Manhattan-bound #7 train that comes along to the 46th

>>> Street/Bliss station. If you want to join us to spin or learn to

>>> spin, you have two

>>> options.


>>> 1. Plan to be on the Manhattan bound platform at the 46th


>>> station at about 10:15 am to get on the train with us.


>>> 2. Hang out at any station along the #7 route until our train comes

>>> through. We will be in the LAST car when the train is headed into

>>> Manhattan. It

>>> will be the FIRST car when it is heading back to Flushing, Queens.


>>> NOTE: We will be documenting this event on film so it is possible

>>> you will

>>> be videotaped as part of a group. The resulting film will be approx.


>>> minutes long and screened only as part of an art installation. You

>>> can opt

>>> out of being filmed.


>>> Hope to see you!

>>> XOX, Robyn (weeballyarns)"


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