FW: Spinning at the Shearing

"Joe Zygala and Lucinda Shastid" <jzygala@...>

Hi, all. As you can see, anyone who will commit to demonstrating at the
Rainbeau Ridge shearing on April 26 is welcome to come for free.

So let's make a list at our April 18 meeting. If you can't make it to the
meeting, let me (jzygala at earthlink dot net) or Teresa (hayslope at
optonline dot net) know and we'll add you to the list for Lisa.

Irene, thanks for letting us know about this!

This'll be fun!


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Thanks for the question and the interest in sheep shearing-- I would love to
have any and all of the 'sheep to shawl' components demo
Ed-- I try to do it but there's so much going on it's impossible...I have a
friend bringing a rigid heddle loom. I own some knitting needles (kid size)
and have a Louet. But ideally, anyone who'd like to demo is welcome-- I just
would like to know in advance so I can se things up, manage the mix and have
you all comp'ed at the gate.

Anyone who is doing a demo (by prior arrangement) is most certainly free and
their immediate family is our guest-- I just need names...

SO please let me know if this works for you or anyone else.

Thanks for the consideration

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Subject: Spinning at the Shearing

Hello, Lisa. Irene Marks forwarded the information about the Shearing Day
to our spinning guild. A number of us are interested in attending, but ...
we're not related by blood, so if $30 per family is $30 per person ....

How about either the entire guild is treated as one family, or that
spinning/carding/combing demonstrators are admitted free?

Please let me know, and I'll spread the word to the guild.

By the way, I have 2-pitch combs if you would like me to demonstrate their
use (on clean wool) and have a table to clamp them to.

Look forward to seeing you,


Irene Marks <imchanging@...>

Great, Lucinda! I'm glad it is working out for the guild and for Rainbeau Ridge.
Take care, and see you there!