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Pat O’Rourke

That’s a good length of time!  Happy Anniversary!  Pat

On Apr 6, 2020, at 5:57 PM, Jane Daniels <jdhikes@...> wrote:

Saturday was my 50th wedding anniversary and the celebration ended up being a virtual one with family and close friends. Our daughters has worked hard to compile a slideshow with photos from all three families. It was a lot of fun. My brothers stayed on party the entire time, but others joined us and left when they got bored. So last week was busy with finding photos, scanning them and occasionally going out on a walk.

We were out today in Rockefeller and enjoyed the sunshine. There were lots of people on the wide trails which was not a problem. 

As for projects, I finished a baby sweater for a friend's baby and spun up some fiber, which is ready to knit. I can either make a warm scarf or use it as stripes on a vest. Now to clean up the mess I made while sorting photos.

Stay safe. 


On Sat, Apr 4, 2020 at 6:58 PM Joan Conca <joanconca@...> wrote:

Hi Gals!


Coming to you from the Endless Mountains region in NE Pennsylvania.


My husband, Robert, and I are here and doing well.  It’s been chilly and grey for the last few days. We’ve even had snow flurries a couple of nights, no accumulation.


The birds are very active here.  We take walks outside when we can. It’s life affirming to be outside and in nature.


I’m knitting, listening to audio books, watching British shows on PBS Passport, etc.  Robert is very bored and waiting for the weather to warm up w/sunshine, to work on the lawn mower and other outside projects. 


Right now I’m listening to, THE ROAD TO LITTLE DRIBBLING, by Bill Bryson. I love his mixture of travel and history!

I’ve also been watching Arne & Carlos’s YouTube blogs. They are very entertaining!


What is everyone knitting/spinning?  How about reading?  Cooking?


Two of my knitting groups are meeting on ZOOM and on Thursday evenings (5pm-) Pick Up Every Stitch has a ZOOM group.  It’s wonderful to see and chat with knitting friends! 


Keep well everyone!



Joan J


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I'm fine - how's everyone else?

Does anyone have family or friends who have the virus?

I'm pretty much the way I was last week - healthy, self-isolating, and (somewhat) bored.  The early spring bulbs and wildflowers are blooming and it's wonderful to walk around the yard and see them!

Jane (and anyone else who gets out hiking) - are wildflowers blooming in the woods yet?  Bloodroot is starting here, but only in bare earth: everywhere else it was to push its way through the dead leaves.  And violets are blooming in the lawn!

Sometimes I get a little scared, but then I remind myself that I'm doing everything I can to take care of myself, and I should enjoy what I have.

Hope to hear from people,



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Life is better when you go outdoors!

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