Group email policy

Shelley Reid

To refresh everyone’s memories, here is the relevant part of theemail that sums up the group policy on emails to the group (now isn’t that a circular statement):

So, the poll on email preferences was out for a couple of weeks, and the solid majority voted for no change. Please just include either “OT - political” or “Warning - political” in the subject line of posts that fall into that category. And please continue to keep the subject lines descriptive; no “Isn’t this cool?” or “I didn’t know this!”, but rather or “Article: Llama spit cures the common cold” or “Gorgeous new pattern for elbow warmers.”

The post is #6341 if anyone wants to refer to it or read the discussion leading up to the vote.

To keep things in perspective, here is a breakdown of the posts in the year leading up to that vote—I don’t have the time to track this past year, but it’s probably similar. “Political” posts were roughly 5% of the total. Group rules specify that they have to be clearly marked in the subject line, which enables everyone to delete them without even opening, should they so choose.


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