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Thank you. It’s not The Who. I personally don’t like or trust any of them. If watch this country become so devided, disrespectful and hateful. I  can’t hear any more of it. It makes me sick, literally. So thank you for respecting my wishes.

On Oct 27, 2019, at 1:01 PM, Lucinda Shastid <jzygala@...> wrote:

No problem - I'll send them to individual people, not to the group.

Apologies to those I upset.


On 10/27/2019 10:39 AM, Angela via Groups.Io wrote:
Please take my email off the spinning list when you send out anything political about anyone .

Thank you
Angela Wagner 

On Oct 27, 2019, at 8:31 AM, Lucinda Shastid <jzygala@...> wrote:

Here are two more people mocking tRump. 

(I spell it that way to sound like T. Rex, with his small brain and tiny hands.  Also, the yellow-billed cuckoo and the red-headed woodpecker are named after their most obvious features.  Ditto tRump.)

In the Washington Post, you can find Roland Hedley's tweets (by Gary Trudeau).

Amazing - he is supposed to be a tRump supporter, and just "happens" to reveal some pretty good stuff.

If you subscribe to the New Yorker magazine, be sure to look online for the Borowitz report.  Here's a sample:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report <>)”

Hoping to bolster the core message of his 2020 campaign, Donald J. Trump <> ordered Mike Pence <> to locate a passage in the Bible where Jesus tells people to get the hell out of here, White House sources confirmed on Monday.

According to the sources, Trump summoned Pence to the Oval Office and commanded him to find somewhere in the Bible where Jesus tells people that they don't belong here and they should beat it.

Pence, who seemed startled by the request, asked Trump if he meant the time when Jesus expelled money changers from the Temple, but Trump shook his head angrily. No, not that. I don't want to piss off Deutsche Bank, he said. I want something where Jesus tells the poor and the meek or whatever to go back to the shithole places they came from.

After a shaken Pence said that he would see what he could find, Trump reportedly demanded that the Vice-President also locate a passage where Jesus calls journalists the lowest form of life.


With prayers and thoughts for our country,


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