Today's Meeting

Lucinda Shastid

There were seven of us today, but I think that only three were at Rhinebeck?  Never mind - there was plenty of show-and-tell with the destash from Linda Ciano.  (Linda is the person who told me about Misfits Market.)

So, what fibery stuff went on today?  Well, ...

Teresa spun Finn.

Annie spindled some top that she dyed with beets (pale color from exhausting the pot).

Shelley spun some shades-of-brown-etc. mystery fiber.

Jane and Joan knitted sweaters.

Catherine knitted a shawl.

Lucinda knitted a sort-of-shawl made of triangles (very colorful).

Much of the time we had a single conversation - Rhinebeck, politics, geothermal heating, etc.

And, of course, we ran over because we were having too good a time to stop!

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