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Teresa Ambrose

The link from this email worked. Thanks!

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Hi all--

Last meeting we talked about the apparent drop-off in attendance, so I thought I'd put a poll out there to gauge continued interest in the group. I'd be grateful if everyone weighed in. Pease select the option that best reflects how you feel about the group.



1. I have been attending regularly and hope to continue to do so.
2. There is something going on in my life that has kept me from attending, but I hope to be able to resume attending in the near future.
3. I would like to attend, but the Saturday meetings don't work for me. I would come if the Sunday meetings were resumed.
4. I would like to attend, but I don't foresee myself coming any time soon because of other commitments.
5. I am not interested in coming to meetings anymore, but stay in the group to keep up with everyone via the email group.
6. I'm not interested in being part of the group anymore but haven't gone to to formally leave it.
7. For those who aren't interested anymore: please check here if something specific has changed that has made meetings less enjoyable for you.

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