Shelley Reid

Hey all—

I got a Lendrum folding wheel at a rummage sale; it has only one bobbin. So far the bobbin chatters wayyyy too much for me to enjoy spinning on it, and I’m going down the list of potential fixes. I’ve replaced footman connectors/drive band and brake band, oiled everything, put on new footpads where the old ones had fallen off. I put on a nylon washer in front of the bobbin on the flyer rod. The bobbin itself appears to be knocking from side to side, not front to back.

So my question is: is there a Lendrum upright spinner who’d be willing to bring their wheel to a future meeting soon and may I try a little swapping to experiment? I would absolutely love to try swapping out 1) a bobbin 2) the flyer 3) the whole maiden assembly. If any one of those things is quiet, then I would try buying new; heck, even a complete maiden assembly is pretty cheap if it means the wheel would work well. And even if I end up reselling the wheel, I want it to be in good working condition when passing it on.


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