Free Pattern For Our Little Moons Lace Wrap In Our Newest Yarn!

Teresa Ambrose

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Purl Soho
Introducing Beautiful Burnish!

Like the moon making a guest appearance at life’s great parties, our Little Moons Lace Wrap brings a special glow to summer weddings, beach bonfires, and backyard potlucks! We knit up this beauty in our brand new yarn, Burnish. A rayon made from bamboo fiber, Burnish looks and behaves a lot like silk but is more durable, machine washable, and vegan… Very nice and 15% off through Sunday!

15% Off Through Sunday!

The beauty of bamboo-based Burnish is that it manifests the refinement and grace of silk without requiring animal products or precious care! One hundred grams of fingering-weight Burnish yields a generous 339 yards, and you'll need four skeins for our Little Moons Lace Wrap. We’re also casting on for three-season scarves and sweaters and love the willowy drape and super clean stitch definition! 

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