Re: Today's Meeting

Teresa Ambrose

Thank you Lucinda for the excellent report!

On Jun 1, 2019, at 2:43 PM, Lucinda Shastid <jzygala@...> wrote:

Susan was spinning what appears to be the last bobbin of her three-ply yarn for the final arm of her daughter's sweater.  The yarn is from her daughter's favorite Icelandic sheep.  Susan also brought a lovely blanket spun and woven from the wool of their sheep.  Nice going, Susan!

Charlene has been absent for a few meetings but came today, just in time to show off her shawl: garter stitch background with short-rowed lunettes of lace.  She also had lots of souvenirs from a trip to Paris that she took with her mother, including some stitch markers.

Pat brought an ultra-simple knitting project so she could watch the spinning.  Oops - the ultra-simple project was home on her couch.  Instead she brought a poncho knit with two strands of yarn in a cable pattern, where she was stumped.  Charlene used her stitch markers (from the Paris trip) to bring Pat back up to the current row of her knitting.

Lucinda was knitting in a dark yarn, on small needles, in barely-adequate lighting, but she managed not to express her feelings aloud.

Shelley stopped by to say hello but then had to leave.

Conversation included what we were working on; families (children, grandchildren, mothers and pets), planned vacations, future venues for these meetings, etc.

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