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Lucinda Shastid

No, they don't - I wrote the Lewisboro library suggesting it.

If  you have the free Kindle app on your computer, the book is free.

On 1/20/2019 7:52 PM, Jane Daniels wrote:
I was hoping the library had a copy. but they don't

On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 3:41 PM Angela via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Thank you

On Jan 20, 2019, at 2:48 PM, Lucinda Shastid <jzygala@...> wrote:

I just finished a book on Kindle which I loved: Flying Fossils by Lynne Gentry.  It's free and it didn't have many reviews and I want to spread the word.

Here's one review which describes the way I feel about the book: all wrapped up in a very difficult mother/daughter relationship that transforms thru the deft handling by Lynne Gentry. “Flying Fossils” is a magnificent story of heartbreak, broken relationships, healing and restoration. The women in this story are tough, assertive and needy; each looking for love from the other and unwilling to accept it.

Gentry created wonderful characters with deep backstories and personalities that fill the pages with attitude and humor. If the future volumes revolve around this group of women, I’ll be seeking them out to follow their progress. The secondary characters quirky and fun, adding richness to the story rather than fodder.

The subject of parent/child role reversal and dementia is one that I’ve gone thru and so have many of my friends. It’s not easy and Gentry writes about it with dignity, a touch of humor and a familiarity that intimates personal experience. The insights gleaned by the daughter will serve readers well in their own opportunities...

“Flying Fossils” is written without gratuitous violence, foul language or sexual content. There is a light thread of faith that runs thru the book as well as a tiny seed of new age philosophy by one secondary character. None of these aspects are prominent or preachy. This is a dynamic, important book that’s worthy of being read by many and of being read again; not something I say very often.

I hope that others will enjoy this, too.


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