Re: 15 Ways the Internet Changed Knitting

Lucinda Shastid

I remember when we first moved here, I was researching breeds of dogs.  We drove around the county for several weekends, visiting each library and checking that section of the Dewey Decimal System.  Yes, things have changed.

On 11/27/2018 11:12 AM, Jane Daniels wrote:
The internet completely changed how I worked as a reference librarian. Before the internet you only had access to your own card catalog and needed to know where special collections existed. Then came on line catalogs for a library system, like Westchester Library System. Then came the internet and, while you still needed to know where and how to look, the world was open to you. Now the problem is determining fact from fiction.

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Thanks, Jane.  I remember many years ago when I was amazed that a woman in France could post that she was looking for a graph of Micky Mouse (cross-stitch? knitting?), and she had it within a few hours.  Before the 'net, she would have had to know who to contact, write them a letter, wait for a reply with the graph - two weeks? plus knowing who to write to in the first place.  What a change!

Another example was a lotion maker in Oklahoma - "How can she ever make a living selling lotion in a small town?" Joe and I asked each other.  The answer, of course, is that the whole country [now world] is a single town.


On 11/26/2018 5:18 PM, Jane Daniels wrote:
I don;t know if you have seen this article. Enjoy

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