Re: stitch/row counters?

Jane Daniels

I mark every 10 rows with a knitting safety pin (no coils). Thus I don't have to remember to change the row counter. For instance If I have to do 5 increases every 6 rows, I put 4 safety pins on the safety pin indicating the first decrease. Then having knit 6 rows, I move one safety pin to mark the row. It is easy to see when you have made all five increases. You can do something similar when you have a multi row pattern, placing a safety pin at the end of every repeat, if you have a more than 10 row repeat or after every repeat. I do something similar when decreasing for the arm hole. 

As for counting stitches, when I cast on, I put a marker (paper clip if size 8 needle or smaller; a small circle of contrasting yarn for larger needles) every 20 stitches. I check by counting the stitches again. make any adjustments, and continue until I have enough stitches. Then work the next row in pattern, checking that you have the right number of stitches and on the next row remove the markers if working in stockinette. But if I am knitting a pattern, I removing the markers that count the stitches and insert a marker at the end of every pattern. 


On Sat, Aug 25, 2018, 12:31 PM Lucinda Shastid <jzygala@...> wrote:
This was on the Akerworks Rav page recently:

  I was talking to a knitting friend of mine this morning about what counters are out
there for stitch and row counting. Yes, there are many, and, yes, there is a good
electronic one but, as far as I know, there is nothing as good as an Akerworks tool
would be to put in my tool case. Please make one  with the stitch and row counters
being separate on the same tool and able to have three digits.

Can anyone give me input to share with them regarding stitch counters and row
counters?  What do you want in a counter?  What improvements over things currently


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