Beginner's yarn

"Joe Zygala and Lucinda Shastid" <jzygala@...>

This was on the Yahoo Spin-List group this morning:

Keeping your first yarn for later is good advice. I have been going
through a "use or toss everything" phase. Among the question marks were
several skeins of grey and brown natural wool, some of my very first,
very poor, spinning. Rather than toss something that has
semi-sentimental value, I lumped it all together into a quick-to-make
tri-loom shawl. Ironically, I have been stopped by knitting groups who
wanted to look at it more closely, and petted by strangers (who asked
permission) in bookstores. Obviously, personal perception isn't always
very accurate.

So, keep that beginner's yarn - it'll be admired when you use it.


Lucinda, who had better not get sick for the next meeting!

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