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Toni <tonisemail@...>

I'm glad you like it, Teresa! The first time I tried toe-up socks, I tried the figure 8, but I just couldn't get it to tighten, no matter how many times I tried. Then I found this, and it was so easy!


hayslope wrote:

You are my hero!!! I love this cast on method. First of all it is
faster and easier than the figure 8 cast on and then you don't have to
tighten it up! After my grandmothers engagement ring that my mom gave
me for my birthday this was the best gift I got! Thank you!!!
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Hey, Teresa - I had a great time on Saturday - can't wait 'til the next

I checked my notes, and the cast-on I use for toe-up socks is the
turkish cast-on, found
here: <>

It's very easy, and makes a nice, neat toe.


hayslope wrote:

Finally I get to sit down. It was our family birthday week, mine my
fathers and my sisters, and I've been finishing off gifts and shopping
and cooking for a week! Our Spin/Knit In was fabulous!!! We had a nice
sized group. Pat showed us her sweater that she spun and dyed the wool
for. It was one of the most awesome sweaters I've ever seen. I wish I
had taken a photo so we could have posted it. Maybe next time if we
can get her to bring it again. Edie was plying yarn expertly spun on
her drop spindle. Tony worked on her spinning and socks knit with Opal
Elements yarn. Tony also turned me on to a new toe method, Judy's
magic cast on for toe up socks. It looks to be even better than the
figure 8 cast on I've been doing. Ivy and Jenny absconded with the
lama pelts that Andrea gave the group. Can't wait to see what they do
with them. We missed Lucinda who stayed home due to a bad cold.
Just got back from Trader Joe's. Whew!
If anyone would like to learn to knit two toe up socks at once I will
show you how at the next Spin In. Just bring your sock yarn and #2 47
inch circular needles. If you have a scale and a ball winder starting
with the outside end of skein wind half into a ball and then starting
with the end of the yarn coming from the center of the skein wind the
other half into a ball. Leave them attached and put a rubber band
around them to hold them to each other.
We will also organize a beginners spinning lesson for those
So all in all it was a cosy little Spin In and we look forward to
seeing those we missed next time!


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