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Joe Zygala and Lucinda Shastid <jzygala@...>

Hi, judi. We find the cheapest thing for us is Net10, which is almost identical to TracPhone, at $15 a month with a free phone.

You must buy $15 of minutes per month to keep your account active, and you can carry your unused minutes forward to the enxt month. $15 is 150 minutes.

$15 a month is cheaper than anything else I've found, and they have an excellent network. (We travel around the country a lot in our RV. We use the phone a little while we're home, and then use all the minutes while we're traveling instead.)

We bought our phone for $30 with two months of service and 300 minutes included, which is just like a free phone and paying for two months of service.

There are a number of cell phones that use the Net10 system - go to any of the big box stores and you'll find them. I know that both Target and Wal-Mart sell them.

judiknit wrote:

Hi guys!
I really need to get with this cell phone thing and DH has agreed. Just tell me which provider I should (or maybe more importantly shouldn't use). It will just be to carry for emergencies and the occasional call.
All advice appreciated!
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