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Petr Malý

Hello Tom,


I think we can give it a try. I will make a small simple utility to test the basic behavior (connecting to TCVR, sending a string of characters to be transmitted, breaking the sending that is underway, toggling PTT, maybe change of CW speed, etc). If it looks feasible I will make a full-flesh implementation to HamRacer. What do you think.

Please route all the following communication to: ok1fig@...


73, Petr OK1FIG


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Sent: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: [HamRacer] New version ( just released



Yes I found the same. It looks like all the new Icom rigs operate using this CI-V bus. The table below defines the character map.

I realize this may not be of interest to you, but I'm encouraged by your "yet?". If you ever decide to try this and need someone who has an Icom TCVR to test I will be happy to help. 

73, Tom KB9ENS

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