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Petr Malý

Hello Tom,

I briefly took a look into the user manual of IC-7300. If I understand the table of CAT commands (CI-V) you can indeed send characters to be transmitted in CW to the serial line (USB). And the TCVR will send the dots and dashes for you. HamRacer hower doesn't support this (yet?), even that it would be relatively easy to do. The only problem is that I don't have a TCVR I could test it with.

Yet, I think that Spider Keyer is a better choice. First, I can use it with whatever old boot anchor TCVR. Second, I have the full control of it. If I don't like this or that behavior I simply change a few lines in the sketch and burn it into the Arduino Nano.

73, Petr OK1FIG


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Understood, thank you.

The pins are all virtual and soft configurable on the 7300 and I'd deliberately picked the CW key for that COM port. Could make it key SSB easily.

I saw your spider keyer and may consider that.

I'll also research to find out whether the 7300's internal keyer can be controlled remotely. If it can, then it would be like having a spider keyer built into the radio. 

73, Tom KB9ENS

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