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Petr Malý

Hello Tom,


HamRacer doesn't support CW keying via a COM port. It can only toggle PTT for SSB mode.

The message you see happens if you try to send CW to the serial device, but the response is not as expected.

If you can hear a tone after clicking Test PTT, then you have mismatched pins on the COM. The pin that is configured to toggle PTT in Options in HamRacer leads to a pin that is used for CW keying in IC-7300 (probably). Can't tell more, I am not familiar with IC-7300.

FYG, a preferable and very cheap way is to use Spider Keyer. It is now even better than WinKeyer.


73, Petr OK1FIG


From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Ryan Essenpreis via Groups.Io
Sent: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 6:39 AM
Subject: Re: [HamRacer] New version ( just released



I'd like to use the Virtual COM port to key my radio (IC-7300) without the need for another external device. Is this something I can do? I have connected the COM port and when I test PTT I get a 1 second tone, but when I try one of the macros it tells me "Mismatched communication with Keyer...." 

I suspect this is expected behavior, but would like to confirm that. 

Thank you for creating this program. 
73, Tom - KB9ENS

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