Expansion of Received Exchanges

Marty Bluhm

Hi Guys,
I have bit the bullet in as much as my voice vocal cord has gone on  permanent
vacation. While I can still speak, my voice is  very hoarse and given to extened outages.
What does this have to do with ham radio?
I am trying to expand the supported programs of this fanastic software to include ARRL Sweepstakes,
NAQP and other contests that have extended exchanges.
Petr has done a super job with Hamracer and I do not want him to cut up his program to pacify one user.
That said, I have been playing with the existing version trying to make a work around.
Primarily using the string functions that will work.
I was wondering if anyone in the group has tried anything like this and was it successful.
If so, would you share it?
If I have success, I will post it to the group after running it through Petr.
Thanks all and 73

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