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HamPi is a Raspberry Pi computer image file that has over 80 amateur radio application installed.
 - HamPi applications wiki and information on the applications.

The HamPi version V1.3 was released on March 23, 2021 see message #1066
The HamPi version V1.2 was released on December 7, 2020, see message #389.
The HamPi version V1.1 was released on September 20, 2020, see message #165.
 - Video: Ham Radio - HamPI, possibly the best general ham radio image for the raspberry pi.
David, W3DJS, released HamPi V1.0 on June 19, 2020.  
 - Video: HamPi Ham Radio Software for Raspberry Pi from W3DJS
 - Video: HamPi Raspberry Pi Image for Ham Radio (timestamp 11 to 53 minutes)

Need to learn about Raspberry Pi computers. Start with the below free books.
 - The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2021
 - Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide 4th Edition

HamPC is Ham Radio applications for x86 Linux.
HamPC Version 1.2b (December 26, 2020) should be functionally identical to
HamPi 1.2 (December 7, 2020) Release, with the exception that three Raspberry Pi-specific applications are not present:


HamPC forum on https://groups.io/g/HamPC/ 

Other groups of interest:
 - HamPC
 - Raspberry-Pi_4_Ham-Radio
 - The Linux User Net for amateur radio

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