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This No Slash Group is dedicated to Haldir and his brothers, Rúmil and Orophin, as well as other Lórien elves.  

We are actively encouraging and soliciting het fan fiction involving Lorien elves, especially Haldir and his brothers; however, stories involving elves from other realms are also invited to this site. This would include Elrond, Thranduil, Erestor, Glorfindel, etc.

All fan fiction MUST include ratings and any appropriate warnings. It must also feature elves as main characters, either canon or OC. No chain letters may be posted on this site. 

Update: Due to reasons (Yahoo being a butt) all het and general Tolkien fanfiction, art, and discussion are welcome.  We welcome all of our fellow fandom friends here.

No overt slash is allowed on this site; implied slash is permitted.

Good judgment is requested. Chit-chat and friendliness are encouraged.

List Moms are Tammy, Zee and Christen.  
Honorary Member is Capt'n Becky of the Lorien Follies.  The Capt'n receives a special honor at our table.  Without her love and dedication to Haldir Lovers, this group would not have reached fruition.  

This Group is dedicated to all members who are no longer with us; may their memory shine brightly always.  Our beloved Vi especially holds a place of honor at Haldir Lovers, but most of all, in our hearts.  We love and miss you, dear friend.  

Picture by Ebe Used With Permission.

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