Interested in a personal Observatory?

Andy Nowlen

September 10, 2021
This is an occasion in which the graciousness of the astronomy community is on display!
Here is an excellent opportunity on hand for any person or club interested in a Skyshed Pod.  It has a white dome, and lunar gray walls, and 3 bays.  This image is similar but not identical to this particular unit.  

(More information on this product line is available at
Here is the deal - the original purchaser lives in Eagle Point Oregon.  Between the time they ordered and it was delivered, they became seriously ill.  It is now hoped that an Oregon astronomer might be interested in acquiring it.  
There are TWO primary advantages to this deal.  
** There is no wait time.  Normally delivery of the unit after placing the order is a long time. The unit is new has not been used and is on site.  No waiting.
** The asking price is $4,400.  The purchaser may be amenable to kind and respectful offers. The current price on a 3 bay pod is higher than this purchaser paid.  Additionally, recent situations make the cost of shipping very expensive these days.  

There is another possibility -- IF a club operates as a non-profit there is the possibility of a substantial donation from a separate donor toward the cost of the 3 Bay Pod.  Price to be in the range of $2,000.
Contact information:
Wayne Parker
SkyShed Observatories
Cell 519-272-9081
Thanks for your consideration.  If you are connected with other clubs, feel free to spread the word.

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