Re: Outreach Opportunity /Philomath - Kings Valley August 7 SAT - GSAC

Lauren Wingert


The girls scouts astronomy club, as part of a scout camp, is having an astronomy night on August 7 (SAT)    

The girls have had virtual meetings for a long while and perhaps have had astronomy outings with parents,
but all star parties have been on hold - so there is excitement for an astronomy night.    .   
The expected viewing audience might be 10-12 people, and there are 3-4 scopes attending (myself included).

If you would like to help out and bring another telescope, this is a good outreach opportunity.  The girls are eager to 
get some hands on telescope viewing time.   

This event is in Kings Valley and would be a really long haul for Eugene folks, which is why this invite is going to the HVA.  
Also, it is probably best if you wish to participate that you have had vaccination as there are unvaccinated youth participating.  

Contact Trish Mace for details if you are interested.

 Thank you! 

-Lauren Wingert 
Sneak Peek Glass LLC
541 908-1251  

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