Cave Nebula SH2 155

Andy Nowlen

Hi, I have been working on my version of the Cave Nebula in Cephus.  Sh2-155 apparently goes by several designations like many other objects.  I observe the extensive presence of the dark clouds and bok globules that make the shape what it is.  The violent strength of the star formation areas central to the image really contrast and catch my eye.  I really like the summary about SH2-155 on for background information.


Andy Nowlen

Asi533mc pro, AsiAir, et al.
ES 102mm at 714 focal length
L-extreme filter
March 12, July 7
About 3.75 hours data plus calibration frames
CEM40EC mount
March 12 from Oxbow Summit
July 7 from my North Eugene Driveway.

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