Melotte 15 / IC1805 HOO style

Andy Nowlen

Waaay back in October before the unending clouds descended, I captured just short of 4 hours of data for this project. Normally I would get about 10 or 12, but maybe that will happen in the new year! Aaarrrgghh!
Overall I am pleased with the result from my B5/B6 home. Also, I used Bill Blanshan's Pixinsight Processing Icons to reduce the stars, create the initial HOO image, and eventually put the stars back into the image. I find those icons, along with RCAstro's Noise and Star xterminators to be of great value in my work flow.

The filter I have been using is the Radian Triad Ultra. I am still learning and trying to get the most from it. It is 4nm and 4 band passes - Hydrogen alpha, Hydrogen beta, Sulfur II, and Oxygen III wavelengths. I would say the manufacturer's description is accurate and I continue to try and extract better color in my post-processing. I think it requires more nuance than I may have used in the past. I feel like the gradations (I hope) represent a better processing result.  And I hope for better mastery in the future.  I guess that is what our cloudy winter is for!!

Scope = FSQ106n @535mm
Filter = Radian Triad Ultra
Camera = ASI533mcp
Mount = CEM70G
Stack = Astropixel processor
Process = Pixinsight
Bill Blanshan's process icons
RC Astro Noise Xterminator
RC Astro Star Xterminator
plus Photoshop

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