Heart Nebula closeup

Andy Nowlen

I started out doing a Heart of the Heart image and discovered what might be a great Halloween Mask design.  A bear, a hound, a wolf, or something else?  What do you see?
Tight view of the left ventricle of the Heart Nebula!  Last winter I shot the heart and soul nebulae together at 385mm. This is my first close-up view inside the heart :>)
Sept 13, 2021
Driveway Observatory
123 sub-exposures of 180 and 240 seconds
6 hours integration
Scope - ES ED102mm @714mm f7
Mount - iOptron CEM40
Filter - Optolong L-enhance
Stacking - Astro Pixel Processor
Processing - Pixinsight & Photoshop
Star removal - Photoshop starExterminator (very good plugin)

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