Re: S-100 stuff, electronic stuff, model railroad stuff, books and magazines!


I believe there is an S-100 meuseum - think they specialize in Altare
- but they woul probably be a good home for the stuff



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Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about your expected diagnosis, that’s a tough
one. My neighbor Had cancer of the liver last year, he tried the “Rick
Simpson oil” treatment along with standard chemo and is cancer free today.
Maybe look into it?

On a selfish note, Im a high school physics teacher in Tn and would love to
find good price on some equipment so that my students could get their feet
wet with some actual good equipment. Scopes, frequency generators, vtvm’s,
dmm’s, etc.. I am a ham radio operator and tinkerer, some skills at
repairing equipment but not a whole lot.

Please let me know if you have anything appropriate for my students at a
high school budget. Happy to give you my info so that you can verify my


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Hello all.
I have 22 S-100 boards for sale. There are two backplanes. One is a
9 slot bare board and the other is a 19 slot fully populated board. Both
boards have active termination. There are 8080, Z80, FDC, HDC, Serial,
68030, a Display board, a Front Panel board. There are also 3 Mean Well
power supplies supplying the +9VDC and the +_16VDC. There are also
voltmeters and amp meters . I want $500 plus shipping for all of it. I
can provide a full inventory and pictures for anyone who is truly
I probably have cancer and if I do I am dying. I want all of this
to go to a good home and not to the landfill. If anyone is interested I
have some test equipment, electronic components, and model railroad
equipment Please only serious inquires for I tire very easily.
GOD Bless and Thanks,

Paying Attention, Not a Tutor!

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