S-100 stuff, electronic stuff, model railroad stuff, books and magazines!

Richard R. Pope

Hello all.
I have 22 S-100 boards for sale. There are two backplanes. One is a 9 slot bare board and the other is a 19 slot fully populated board. Both boards have active termination. There are 8080, Z80, FDC, HDC, Serial, 68030, a Display board, a Front Panel board. There are also 3 Mean Well power supplies supplying the +9VDC and the +_16VDC. There are also voltmeters and amp meters . I want $500 plus shipping for all of it. I can provide a full inventory and pictures for anyone who is truly interested.
I probably have cancer and if I do I am dying. I want all of this to go to a good home and not to the landfill. If anyone is interested I have some test equipment, electronic components, and model railroad equipment Please only serious inquires for I tire very easily.
GOD Bless and Thanks,

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