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This group is dedicated to the maintenance, repair, usage, and correct operation of HP, Agilent and Keysight test equipment and accessories. It concentrates on older equipment for which support from HP, Agilent or Keysight has been discontinued, but questions about current equipment may be posted. Members may post questions, answer questions, explain how they solved particular problems. All aspects of equipment repair, calibration, maintenance, and operation are within the scope of the group. The group is not for buying and selling of working test equipment, although buying and selling of spare parts and manuals is permitted. There are multiple outlets for buying and selling test equipment - one run by the admins of this group is https://groups.io/g/Test-Equipment-For-Sale-Wanted-or-Exchange

Lots of people ask dumb questions. To improves your chances of getting a positive response, it is suggested that you prove most or all of the following information.

  • The type of instrument - VNA, oscilloscope, power supply etc.
  • The exact model number of the instrument. An 8753 is not useful, as there are at least half a dozen different models in the 8753 series.
  • A useful subject header, which will usually need to contain a model number of an instrument. Please, no useless titles like "HELP: My oscilloscope does not work". Be more specific in the subject header, mentioning at least the model, and type of fault.
  • Any relevant accessories attached.
  • Firmware version, it the problem could conceivably be firmware related.
  • First half a dozen digits of the serial number
  • Any options fitted.
  • A clear description of the problem, along with any what actions you have taken to try to solve it.
Although the document How To Ask Questions The Smart Way is aimed at open-source software, many of the suggestions are relevant for seeking help on hardware. 

Sending: Attachments (photos, PDFs etc) are permitted, but please keep the size to the minimum necessary. Do not attach high-resolution photographs. Most photographs can be shrunk to 100 kB, without significant degradation in quality. Use a program like the free open-source Gimp  which runs on most computers.
Receiving: By default, you will see any attachments, irrespective of how big they are. If you wish to disable receipt of all attachments, or limit their size, go to  https://groups.io/g/HP-Agilent-Keysight-equipment/editsub  select "Advanced Preferences", then select the largest attachment sizes you want. You can select from 0 (no attachments), 100 kB, 500 kB, 5 MB or unlimited. For attachments larger than the size you set, links to retrieve them will be provided instead.

Size of attachments and uploads
This is group is too large for a free account, so money has to be paid for storage. Please consider if you really need to upload or attach a high resolution image from your digital camera or mobile phone. Consider compressing the image before uploading or attaching. 

Other relevant groups.
If you are looking to buy, sell or exchange test equipment, you might want to consider joining the  https://groups.io/g/Test-Equipment-For-Sale-Wanted-or-Exchangroupge

If you have an interest in vector network analyzers, or scalar network analyzers, you might wish to consider joining https://groups.io/g/svna too. 

Dr. David Kirkby
Kirkby Microwave Ltd. (manufacturers of VNA calibration kits).

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