FS: Selection of Genesis and IM boxcars SP, SLSF, CNW, WFEX

Jim Lackner

In this season of giving, it is time to give yourself a bunch of boxcars!  Three are RTR and ready to go, while one is a kit.  Priced individually as below + shipping, or take all of them for only $59.95 + shipping.  Preference goes to a lot sale.

Genesis G69010  Western Fruit Express WFEX 64545  50' PC&F boxcar with 10' plug door $25
Genesis  G4333  Frisco SLSF 600023  50' PC&F ext post boscar with 10'6" plug door $20
Imtermountain  48301-1  Southern Pacific SP 244968  FMC 5283 ext post double door boxcar $20
Intermountain KIT 41905-12  C&NW #91748 60' PS-1 single door boxcar $10

PayPal preferred, international okay.
Thanks for looking
Jim Lackner
gp40p2 AT gmail DOT com