FS: Railroad Books


I have several railroad books for sale. Titles are listed below with info and asking price. If you feel the price is not reasonable, or wish to buy multiple books feel free to make an offer. Shipping is additional, but I will only charge the actual cost. All items will be shipped from area code 96002 (Redding, CA). For payment I'll accept money orders, checks (I will allow checks to clear before shipping items), or Paypal (though only through the Personal tab, or if the buyer otherwise covers Paypal fees). Feel free to contact me at: toothpickmatt[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Photos of these books can be found here:

Southern Pacific Dieselization - by John Bonds Garmany
Hardcover 416 pp. Copyright 1984
Published by Pacific Fast Mail
Book is in good shape.  Pages are in great shape.  Spine is good though has a slight lean to it  Dust jacket is in good shape, though shows some edge wear and surface wear.
Asking $22

Daylight Reflections Vol. 1: From Daylight to Starlight - by Nils Huxtable
Hardcover 152 pp. Copyright 2002
Published by Steamscenes
Book is in good shape.  The pages are clean, the spine and cover boards are in good shape, though several of the corners are a bit dented.  The dust jacket is in pretty good shape, though there is some fading on the spine end, an some wrinkling on the corners.
Asking $20

Thunder in the Mountains: The Life and Times of Madera Sugar Pine - by Hank Johnston
Hardcover 128 pp. Copyright 1995
Published by Stauffer Publishing
Book is in good shape.  The dust jacket shows a bit of edge and surface wear.  Cover boards have slight bumps to a few corners.  Spine and pages are crisp and clean, though the pages do show a slight bit of yellowing around the edges.
Asking $18

Chard Walkers Cajon - by Chard Walker
Hardcover 256 pp. Copyright 2007 (originally printed in 1987 by Interurban Press)
Published by Signature Press
Book is generally in good shape, though has two issues.  The title page, which has an inscription on it, has a number of grease or food stains, and several pages show marks where the printing looks to have partially transferred to the opposite page.  Otherwise the pages are clean and in good shape, the spine and cover boards are in good shape.  The dust jacket shows some surface wear, and some wrinkling on the back.
Asking $15

Great Northern Railway: A History - by Ralph W. Hidy, Muriel E. Hidy, Roy V. Scott, & Don L. Hofsommer
Hardcover 360 pp. Copyright 1988
Published by Harvard Business School Press
Book is in very nice shape.  Dust jacket is in decent shape, with some chipping and small tears along the edges along with two larger tears (about 1" and 1.5").  The dust jacket also shows some surface wear.
Asking $15

Burlington Northern Diesel Locomotives: Three Decades of BN Power - by Paul D. Schneider
Hardcover 160 pp. Copyright 1993
Published by Kalmbach Publishing
Book is in pretty good shape.  Cover boards and spine are good.  Pages are clean, but show a little wrinkling at the bottom edge, and a few of the rear pages have a small stain on them.  Dust jacket is in ok shape.  It shows wear on all surfaces, and front flap appears to have been used as a bookmark by a previous reader.
Asking $8

American Shortline Railway Guide. 4th Edition - by Edward A. Lewis
Softcover 320 pp. Copyright 1991
Published by Kalmbach Publishing
Book is generally in good shape.  Pages are clean, and spine is firm.  The covers show some wear around the edges, and on the spine creases.
Asking $6

Thanks for looking,
Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez