FS: HO Scale Used Revell Freight Cars For Sale


For sale as one lot:

1 ea. 626-T4034 ERIE 4030, NEW 1-52, black, white lett.; one side handhold gone
1 ea. 626-T4034 ERIE 4030, NEW 1-52, black, white lett.; one side handhold gone, minor deck damage two locations, endsills rebuilt with parts from Athearn 50' gondola, edge of deck scribed to simulate individual boards
1 ea. 626-T4035 SOO 4032, NEW 4-52, oxide red, alum. lett.; two sill steps gone, one side handhold gone
1 ea. 626-T4035 SOO 4032, NEW 4-52, oxide red, alum. lett.; had body mount couplers, two sill steps gone, one side handhold gone, one stake pocket damaged (repairable)
1 ea. 626-T4035 SOO 4032, NEW 4-52, oxide red, alum. lett., NEW 4-52; 1 sill step partially gone, needs brakewheel
1 ea. 626-T4140 SLSF 4140 NEW 5-58, yellow, black lett.; ex-cable reel car (load gone), some deck damage from glue used for load
1 ea. 626-T4130 HJHX 10-10-87, oxide red; no couplers, ex-pickle car (tanks, etc. gone), sides partially repainted, "TH CONST CO" lettering applied (dry transfer?), some weathering, light crazing some areas of deck, three side handholds gone
2 ea. Metal fishbelly underframe for Revell flat cars or gondolas

1 ea. 626-T4160 MofW 4160, freight car red, white lettering, double sheathed wood box car; good condition with nothing broken or damaged
SOLD AS ONE LOT ONLY; price $19.95 for lot. Shipping charges are additional.

The Revell line of plastic HO scale equipment dates to about 1956 with production continuing to about 1963. The 53' 6" flat car was one of the better freight cars in their line; it had good rivet detail, including on the angle supporting the bottom of the deck edge, and good deck detail top and bottom. The car has 15 stake pockets, like the AAR 50-ton flat produced by Proto 2000 (now Walthers), but the side sill is shaped differently with a shorter fishbelly slope than the AAR design. I never found the prototype for the Revell flat but I suspect it did exist as the Revell gondola is a decent model of a PRR G31 gondola.

The Revell gondola did had some drawbacks:  the ends have a large opening to accommodate the truck-mounted couplers, the trucks themselves are poor rolling with crude large-flange plastic wheels, the molded hand holds above the sill steps looked great but were very susceptible to breakage (as were the sill steps themselves), and Revell had the toy train habit of using their stock number as the car number, instead of a correct prototype number.

I worked on one of the Erie cars above and installed end sills cut from a scrapped Athearn 50' gondola; I also scribed the edge of the deck to simulate the individual boards. Both of the changes really improved the look of the car. I always hesitated to take the final step and strip the cars for repainting since they are almost collector's items. I model the CNW and I now have an abundance of Proto 2000 AAR flats are exact matches for CGW, CNW, and MSTL cars (and they are even factory painted for those roads) so these Revell cars are now surplus. If I was modeling a freelance road these Revell flats would work well, and provide a contrast to the Proto 2000 and Intermountain cars.

Thank you,

Kurt Hayek