FS: Coke Oven & Quench Tower w/Larry & Quench Cars, by Walters

Brian Eiland

Walthers Coke facilities

Running nonstop to feed the blast furnaces, coke ovens are an essential part of many steel mills. Here, carloads of coal are baked into coke, a high-carbon fuel used in steel making and many other industries. You'll also find coke ovens at coal mines and as stand-alone industries.

For the first time this kit also includes a larry car for charging the ovens and a quench car for moving hot coke to the quench tower. The crusher features detailed metal siding, rugged I-beam supports, safety cage ladders and other details, including a simulated dump pit to receive loads of coal. The storage bunker also features steel construction and an enclosed conveyor. The heart of the operation is the battery of coke ovens, with detailed doors, walkways, large concrete smokestack, governor house and many other parts.


Several years ago  I purchased an entire set of buildings of the steel mill complex. They were fully assembled, and weathered, and lighted. Regrettably I am not going to be able to include them all on my layout. This coke plant structures are not going to fit on my layout.

If you are interested please request the photos I just made of the structures I have.

Brian Eiland

oops, forgot to list the price.

$85 or best offer