FS Assorted Items

Craig Townsend

I deleted the other posts to consolidate what's left. If you emailed me about something I listed before and want anything I will add it before mailing off. The free stuff is free, just pay for shipping or throw it into your other stuff. I will give the free stuff a week or so then it's going to the garbage.

5 sets of coal loads: $3. I have no what it fits, but I'm guessing a 3 bay hopper. 
Champ Decals:$15 or obo See previous message. These will be going in the garbage if I can get takers. I hate to do that, but they are just taking up space.

Blue Box stuff: $3 a piece. 
BN caboose, PC boxcar, DRGW flatcar

Union Station, Washington DC boxcar: $5
WP boxcar kit:$5

Atlas Kits:$ 5 a piece
Passenger Station, Platform Extension and Signal Tower

Concor 2 Stall Diesel shop: $5

HO airplanes:$5 I think there is enough to build 4 planes.

Bag of assorted people:$10 There is a lot of preiser people in this bag. Assorted other stuff.
Bag of animals: $5 Prieser
Prieser worker set: $5
Woodland Scenics construction crew:$3
Woodland Scenic kids baseball :$3
Kadee Log Disconnect:$3
Centerbeam Lumber load:$3
SSW boxcar kit:$5

Code 100 Turnouts:
Atlas Snap Switch: $1 each
2 left, 3 right (18" radius or #4 can't tell)
#6 right (4, 2 NIB), #6 left (1) or all for $8

Peco 3 way $5
Shinohara $5 single #6 (2 left) or $8 for both

Free stuff;
Water tower missing water tank, searchlight, Elevated ramp set, telephone poles, signs, 0-6-0 (unknown manufacturer), rotary plow, crane (cast metal, super heavy), mystery bag of Kadee coupler pads (I saw at least 1 #58 go in, and a few #5's, and a bunch of mounting pads and springs), mystery bag of detail parts (rolling stock), mystery bag of building parts (mostly windows), mystery bag of lights (unknown if they work), wheels, bag of field grass (3" long?), mystery bag of diesel detail parts (aline/ cannon),

If I missed something that you see in the pictures let me know. Also discounts for multiple items (including those that I have emailed prior). I need this stuff gone and hate for it to be dumped.

A link to the photos is here

Craig Townsend

FYI to those that responded so far, it might not be until Sunday that I can sit and read the lists as I'm busy with a HO operations session all day tomorrow (makes a lot of sense huh?). But rest assured, I will sort it all out.

Thanks for your patience.