FS: HO Scale USED Walthers 53' 6" GSC Flat Cars For Sale


For sale as one lot:
1 ea. 932-3754  ATSF 93738, NEW 3-54, bright red with white lettering
1 ea. 93203755 SOO 5571, FN 10-80, white with red "SOO LINE" and road number, black data
1 ea. 932-3756  BN 612875, BN 1-85, BN green with white "BURLINGTON NORTHERN" lettering
1 ea. 932-3761 SP 700028, GUX 5-86, frt. car red with white lettering

All of these cars were purchased used with the intention of stripping and repainting them. The previous owner had painted the decks gray, and assembled the cars for piggyback loading (with trailer hitch, end plates, side rails, etc). I disassembled the cars, removed and discarded the side rails, and removed the hitches and end plates (I saved some of these parts). One deck is fine (no hitch installed), two decks still have traces of the old hitches (and glue) that need to be removed, and one deck still has a hitch attached. AMB makes nice laser cut wood decks that could be used for replacement if desired. There are also the remains of some of the side rail stakes that could be drilled out of the stake pockets. The carbodies themselves are in good condition with nothing broken. Weights and trucks are included. Original list price of these cars was $11.98 each.

Sold as one lot only, price $24.95 for lot. Shipping charges are additional.

Thank you,

Kurt Hayek
ZIP Code 55418