Dear HO Modeler,


Welcome!  Congratulations on becoming our newest member of your new HOswap group.  I want to personally thank you for joining us!  

We are very happy that you have chosen to be a part of us, knowing full well that you could have gone to any other group.  So, again, thank you!  And welcome!


If you are interested in buying HO-Scale items,  books, movies, or other railroad-related media items, you will be happy to see the selection of great offerings that we receive each day.  Hopefully, you will see lots of things that appeal to you.  


If you are a seller or trader, then we are looking forward to seeing what you have to offer to us buyers.  I have no doubt that you will soon be doing business with our Eighteen-Hundred Plus active modelers and rail fans; all fine folks, indeed.  


If you are a buyer looking for a specific item, then please feel free to post a "Want To Buy" request.  And be sure to take advantage of our Wish List Wednesday where you can put out feelers for what's on your wish list.  You never know what folks have hiding in their train rooms.  Even if you are just a 'looker' who enjoys reading our postings, you are just as important to our group and will always find many interesting things in here.  


If you are a Retailer, then we also gladly welcome you, but trust that you will not abuse this group nor take advantage of its members.  Always offer some good deals to us.  Please do not just advertise yourself to us because that will be negatively interpreted as Spam by many.  If you are selling currently-available stock or are taking orders for pre-order items, then we only ask that you please offer these items at a price far better than most other retailers typically would.  After all, we are not charging you anything to sell your goods to us, as magazines and swap meets do.  Positive word-of-mouth will be your best friend in here. Therefore, here are the terms under which you are allowed to post:

1)  First, we understand that certain manufacturers and distributors place strict restrictions on how much you can discount certain items.  We also understand that you have expenses related to obtaining items for sale. Regardless, all items you sell in here must be discounted better than your standard retail or sale prices (we suggest 30% or greater) where possible.  In other words, prices have to be better than what any mail-order store or local hobby shop has.  If you can't do 30%, then at least please give us your best deal.  And I mean BEST deal.   If you don't do this, then Members are not likely to buy from you. 


2) Any shipping/handling charges have to be reasonable. They can not be increased to make up the difference of any discounts.  (That's cheating!)


3) These items are not required to be discounted (but we hope you will anyway): items that are out-of-production, discontinued, or hard-to-find or rare items.  Even so, your best price will be greatly appreciated. 


4) All postings must have specific items listed for sale with prices. You are not allowed to just advertise your business.  (Pictures, or links to pictures of for-sale item(s) ARE allowed, and encouraged.)  As an alternative in lieu of listing specific iterms, if you are having a store-wide sale or a promotional sale on a class of items, and are willing to give members of HOswap an additional discount, you may use a general announcement to that effect and include links to your sale pages. 


5) Any Web link to your business' home page or sale page(s) is not allowed unless it is part of your signature and the above conditions are met.  

Again, you are in here, free of charge.  You will find this a great place to conduct business.  


Lastly, to all of you, I offer this important word about your email delivery options.  This is a high-volume email group.  We typically broadcast over 400-500 emails each month.  Here are some options for you.  On your membership profile for this group, you have the option of using Daily Digest or Individual Emails for receiving our daily postings.  If you have concerns about receiving too many emails from us, then please select one of the two the Daily Digest option.  The Daily Digest is a very convenient way to manage a lot of emails by having them condensed and sent to you as one combined digest email.  Plus, you get a handy index of the postings at the top so that you can pick and choose which postings to read or bypass.  If you prefer to not have any email sent to your inbox such that you can read the postings from the group's Communications page (on the Yahoo web site), then please choose the Special Notices option.  "No Emails" is not allowed. 


Phew!  Thank you for reading through all of that!  If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact me about those or any other concerns you may have.  I am always happy to hear from our members and I always will try to personally and privately reply to every email I receive the minute I get it.  That's another thing that makes this group unique.  You are not just another member.  You will always have access to your group's Owner.  


Thanks again for joining us.  We are very happy to have you with us!  We know you will be glad you came.  


Best wishes and happy trading!

Val Nelson, Owner


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