Wheel Cleaner Quick and Simple


With somewhere between 26 and 735 unfinished projects why not start another? While tuning and 'pairing' up some orphaned/salvaged Grandt 3'7" trucks, cleaning their wheels seemed like a wonderful final step. A piece of code 70 flex, paper towel strips and cleaning fluid suspected by the state of California to cause death started the job. While I was cleaning wheels (and breathing the fluid) I thought a more sophisticated version to clean wheels on completed cars would be swell. It should minimize removel of detail parts from cars or engines. My materials of opportunity included high railed flex track, 2 - 2" long pc ties with gaps cut and my brass wire was .046 Details Associates. The next cleaning device I build will be at least 24" long with two towel stations (1 wet, 1dry) and power connections. I will also include styrene wedges and/or beveled ties to direct the towel strips up while threading them thru. Testing (deferred final development) is still underway. 

Dusty Burman 
623 261-8707 

Steve Hatch

Interesting  I might try it.

Steen Mortensen

Great and so inspiring I did it with 2 as you suggested. Distance to also allow for both passenger and other cars, and so inspired I put a trailer printed on my Prusa mk3... THANKS