Steam whistles

John Stutz


I do not recall it. 

If this is about WP&Y locomotive whistles, you might try looking up the BLW specifications at <">>.   These cover 1869-1938, so all built for the White Pass up to, but perhaps not including, #70.  I think the last entry is for the FC Giradot's 3' gauge 2-8-8-2t, an upsized Uintah Mallet (see

For general information on locomotive construction, do a search with any of: ""modern locomotives 1900"" (with quotes), or "locomotive dictionary" for 1906/09/16 editions, or "locomotive cyclopedia" for later dates, or "car and locomotive cyclopedia" for post WW-II dates.  For passenger or freight stock use "car builders dictionary" and "car builders cyclopedia" for similar date ranges.  Most editions of these are available online.  Each contains a wealth of information about then current practice; explanations of terms, photographs and drawings of many full examples, with photographs and drawings of multiple variations of almost all parts composing typical examples. The car builder's also include a few dozen typical passenger car floor plans and interior photographs.

John Stutz

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John,Did you happen to see my question I posted on the White Pass group about the steam whistless?  No one has responded yet...
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