Search for Rio Grande Models kit


Hello all the group,

With the closure of RGM, I am looking for the following kits:
- one 3019 Jordan spreader,
- one
3025 Idler flat for pile driver OB
- one
3030 Idler flat for derrick OP
- two
3120 D&RGW numbered air dump gon

If one of you has a kit to sell, I thank him in advance for contacting me.

Have a nice day,



Eric is still filling orders.  Received one just a couple of days ago.
Attached the order form


Thanks for the Answer.
I've made an order directly on the 4th of January and Eric answerd me today that all is gone.


Hopefully he can sell the business on to somebody else.

Scott McDonald 

Scott Inman

Hello Jerome,

I have a 3019 Jordan Spreader for sale.  Please send me a private message at tighttrains@... and I'll be glad to work with you.

Scott Inman