San Juan Model Co. CONOCO tank cars as on Patterson podcast

John Cytron

This afternoon I saw the video podcast of "What's Neat This Week" #154 by Ken Patterson and on it was Bob Stears, who with Doug Junda formed San Juan Model Co. This company (basically these two guys) bought Grandt Line, San Juan Car Co. and a bunch of other companies. It this video podcast Bob showed off the On3/30 and HOn3 CONOCO tall dome tank cars. You can order these on the San Juan Model Co. website. They are really beautiful cars. One interesting point Mr. Stears made was that when they bought Grandt Line and the other companies, they had to move 15 semitrailers of machines, tools, molds and parts to their new location and sort through all of it which took a lot of time. He mentioned that when he and Doug heard about the closing of Grandt Line, they got angry and wanted to make sure that the this maker's products (and the other products of the companies they bought) were not lost. 
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