Roundhouse C21/C25 for sale


The Scenic Line Modelers Inc layout group in Littleton CO has asked me to take a Roundhouse C21/C25 Numbered 375 off the deadline and sell it but I have no idea what a fair price is.
It has a basic Digitrax DH123 non sound DCC decoder installed, has brass wheels, front and rear Kadee Couplers, is painted and weathered.
The front light and tender light are not installed or wired.
The Tender cover is not secured but fits well.
It currently runs in DCC but will need cleaning, lubrication and adjusting to get it running well.
If anyone is interested please let me know via email.
If anyone is interested in joining, visiting or operating on our HO/HOn3 layout club in Littleton CO email me. More info on the website

Kent Schwarz
Littleton CO
Scenic Line Modelers Inc HO/HOn3 D&RGW layout group